Hospital linen is the main vector of infections associated with care. It is one of the classic supports for the proliferation of germs. In addition, manually processing laundry items exposes staff to potentially infectious diseases, and it is also a time-consuming process which leads to the loss of items, thus, increasing the cost for the replacement of the missing items.
Steros Laundry, with the smart linen concept, offers an automated laundry item tracking system with fully integrated and highly scalable inventory visibility which reduces linen losses and saves on unnecessary linen purchases in hospitals and other health institutions.
Data accuracy and real-time dashboards reveal valuable insights, such as item usage, workload trends, laundering history, and laundry turn-around times. This helps evaluate performance, improves operational efficiency, and ensures compliance with regulations.



At Steros, we transform any things that we want to a SMART OBJECT; And this is the case for Linen. With Steros Laundry solution, customer can store information directly on SMART LINEN, including the type of linen and the cleaning requirements (cleaning steps, temperature, detergent), so the laundry process can be automated based on the information collected.



Supplying services with linens represents a significant part of the daily tasks for hospital's laundry. Reducing the risk of infections for Laundry’ employees by avoiding direct manual contact with potentially infected hospital dirty textiles is the great challenge of Steros Laundry solution.


In order to reduce lost textiles, track guest linen, increase efficiency and improve guest satisfaction; Linen management department in hotels choose Steros Laundry with the SMART textile concept to automate the hole workflow and optimize resource management.


Take control on the lifecycle of employees’ uniforms and providing operators with the correct workwear at any time, is crucial for industrial and petroleum companies; Steros Laundry with the smart workwear concept you can track your textile assets and reach this target.


By automating tracking of hospital linen with Steros Laundry, we assure that each linen goes back to the same service it came from, we increase asset visibility, we improve collect and dispatch accuracy. It will be easy to plan resources more cost effectively, especially labor, which represents the biggest cost.


Reducing space occupancy for inventory by getting rid of unnecessary stocks and saving on annual purchases. With Steros Laundry and SMART Object concept, laundries can now control their textiles during their entire lifecycle by knowing how many textiles are in circulation and where they are exactly and so they are able to plan their textile purchases carefully.


In industrial laundries, cost control and efficiency are crucial; With Steros Laundry we will reduce the manual labor and non-value added activities. Today in a few seconds we are able to read an entire bag/trolley of textiles, we are able to track dirty linen send by customer, we are able to avoid direct manual contact and reduce the risk of infection, we are able to sort and wash automatically , we are able to check quality and generate non-compliance, we are able to prepare shipping and generate all needed documents with a full traceability.


One of the greatest advantages of STEROS solutions is the automation of quality management alongside process automation. In addition to the concept of SMART OBJECTS, Steros Laundry has been designed and developed with professionals and experts in accordance with European standard ISO 14065 so that our clients' quality managers will have all the reports and documents they need at the click of a button. during each audit of an accreditation organization.


Steros Laundry is decision enabler, it transforms data into rich, interactive dashboards and reports, providing managers with Business Intelligence via comprehensive and real-time overview to verify and analyze data regarding all details of the process and choose the best decision at the best time.

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With My Steros Laundry, customer can now control their textiles during their entire lifecycle by knowing how many textiles are in circulation and where they are exactly and so they are able to well plan their daily operations. This Improve business relationships between laundries and its customers.

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CARTHAGENE HOSPITAL advance with Steros team in digitalization of Laundry process to enhance worker safety by reducing risk of infection