In ART, most of the processes and manipulation are performed by humans leading to a wide inter- and intra- operator variation. On average, embryologists manually double check identification of patients and their consumables forup to six movements per cycle. In some clinics, this amounts to almost 50,000 critical checks per year, that’s 50,000 chances of variable human error and 2,250 hours of productivity lost to witnessing interruptions.
Steros Fertility enables the electronic traceability of the staff members performing each procedure and the time it was performed, and increases the efficiency of the whole process. Moreover, Automated witness Systems ensures safety, eficiency and standarization throughout all the clinical processes, giving precise information from every operator.
For this reason, in any Steros Fertlity-enhanced IVF center, patients can feel confident about production quality where operational quality control can be performed more accurately and combined with key performance indicators.



Digitally, Identify and locate the tissue/cell during any step from procurement, through processing, testing, storage, to distribution to the recipient or disposal. In IVF process, this is ensured with Steros Fertility by SMART GAMETES & SMART PROCESS CONCEPT.


Don’t worry and be confident that every procedure carried out in a Steros Fertlity-enhanced IVF center, will be witnessed, photographed and kept in a smart patient record. Using a handheld barcode scanners and mobile printers at the bedside, Steros Fertility provides a complete electronic traceability, recording the ‘who, what, where, when and how’ at every step, from initial registration through transfer including to cryopreservation. with this concept we put end to double human verification, we increase productivity and we remove the inherent risk associated with involuntary automaticity or human error.

Workflow scheduling

Identify and drive optimised workflows with robust solutions that enhance visibility, it's a crucial object of each manger in a IVF center; The workflow scheduler of Steros Fertility gives you a real-time overview of patient cycle status as well as tasks due, in progress and complete ensuring that nothing is missed. This is standardized for the hole activity and shared on an interactive smart screen, so that each employee knows all the tasks assigned to him and this in total coordination with all the members of the team.



All Steros Fertlity-enhanced IVF center go to great lengths to make sure that everything involved with your treatment is securely and accurately identified and recorded. Sure that patient be not able to see the procedures that take place within the laboratory, but he will be more than confident and also his doctor with visual evidence once his bracelet is scanned in the transfer action with smart and mobile transfer station of Steros Fertility.


With the same concept, Steros Fertility convert consumables to a smart things once order received. This Simplifies inventory check-in, check-out, consumption tracking, ordering ... and ensure a real-time control of these consumables across one or multiple locations that reduce costs, save time, and improve staff efficiency. Also it permits a Full traceability and a paperless management during utilization in IVF process.


For a secure cryo-preservation and processing of sperm, oocytes and embryos, Steros Fertility provides an intelligent module for management of the cryo stores, with the SMART CRYO TANK you can optimize capacity using an accurate geo-localization who can point you directly to the empty space within cryo vessel, you can also track all movements of frozen samples in and out of vessels that's permit a clear visibility and give you possibility to inform patient about status, time and freezing procedure.


For a patient, ISO accreditation represents one, among several criteria for choosing an IVF center. Steros Fertility helps Quality Manger to standardize procedures and process and enforce staff working with these standards once they use this system. Data captured automatically throughout activity of the center, transformed to reports and useful indicators used in external or internal audit to verify compliance with ISO standards and correct all non-conformities to improve and obtain accreditation.


With the right solution in place you can eliminate potentially-fatal error and improve patient safety, also you can perform activity with choosing the right KPI's. All data captured by Steros Fertility gives managers the ability to monitor any discrepancies between target and realization at each process. with a big range of Ready-to-use interactive reports, Drill-down options, real-time analytics and dashboards, you will identify and address root causes of performance issues and reduce unwarranted variations to improve result quality.


At Steros, we understand the strict specifications and quality of IVF identification needs. Steros Fertility is a turn-key solution including software, equipments and all useful consumables and labels to ensure a secure automated process.

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